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12 November 2008 @ 11:03 pm
All About Me - Part 1  


THIS IS MY LIFE - in a nutshell


All About Me

So I figured, that since I'm  restarting my journal I should create and all about me post for anyone interested in adding me.

The Girl - An Overview (Taken From Myspace)

Name- Britney Alexsandra Collet
Nicknames- Brit, Bee (hence beealexs) and BC
Sex- Female
Current Location- Canada
Hair Colour- Dirty Blond
Eye Colour - Blue with hints of grey
Do You Smoke? Hell No
Do You Do Drugs? Technically, since Alcohol is considered a drug
Do You Drink? Ocassionally, and never to the point I puke
Pepsi or Coke? I guess coke, don't really drink pop a lot though
Fave Colour - Tangerine
Do You Like Thunderstorms? YES, sometimes I stay up all night listening to them and watching the lighting flashes light up my window
Number of Tatoos? None
Number of Piercings? 5, All in my ears
What Would You Like To Get Pierced? Nothing else really.
Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend? Never. Ever. If you want to cheat, why are you going out with someone, just be casual.
Have You Ever Been Cheated On? Nope.
Have you Ever Kissed a Boy? Yupp :)
Who Was the Last Person You Kissed? Daniel
Are You In a Relationship? Yes. See above question.
Have You Ever Broken Any Bones? Sprained leg, fractured wrist.
Whats your favorite alcohlic drink? Strawberry Daquiri- but I actually prefer them Virgin.
Pets?  A pug named Charlie, and chocolate lab named Cyrus
Number of Siblings? 4 - Two older brothers- Ross (22) Tyson (18), and one younger sister Taylor (15) and younger brother Jesse (12)
What Website Do You Go To Daily? LiveJournal :), & FaceBook,
Do You Believe In Love at First Sight? It hasn't happened to me, I'm only 17 but of course I believe in it
Own a Stuffed Animal? Yes :D My cow Mr. Moo, my panda Chungo, the list goes on...
Do You Shower Daily - Yes, I can't stand it if my hair feels the least bit greasy.
Right  or Left Handed - Right.
Number of Past Regrets? None, I'm a pretty easy going, simple person. I never do anything to rash.


Sports -

Soccer - I've played since I was little, never to competitivley; silver A for the past 7 seasons. I have a great team that I love the SYS Fusion. I play midfield, and Defense, and I can't imagine ever not playing it.

Running - I got into running because of Soccer, and now I do it because I love it. I run a bit for my schools cross country and track teams, but really uncompetitivley. I mean I've place in the top 3, and top 10 at local meets and stuff, but not really at the provincial level. I don't really train too hard or anything, I just like going for runs.

Music - I'm such a music head, i'm going to have to do a whole seperate post on this :P

To Be Continued....
Current Location: My "home and native land"
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